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Admission Fee (USD)
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th

18H : 20,000 $
36H : 33,000 $
54H : 45,000 $

70,000 $ 75,000 $ 100.000 $

18H : 40,000 $
36H : 66,000 $
54H : 90,000 $

120,000 $ 150,000 $ 200,000 $
None member must be accompanied by company's registered regular member to be treated
   as a cooperate member.

Items 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Indiv. 100memberships 100memberships 100memberships 300memberships
Corp. 30memberships 30memberships 30memberships 30memberships

How to use golf couse facilities
Caddie fee: fixed extra (US$ 5 ~ US$ 10)
Green fee:
Member US$ 20
Assoc. member
(member's guests)
US$ 60(weekdays)             US$ 90(weekday and holidays)
Non-member US$ 120(weekdays), US$ 150(weekday and holidays)

Membership Annual Due: US$ 1,200 per person
Members have to pay above green fee or above annual due
      - Green fee is exempt upon paying annual due US$ 1,200
      - Annual Due is exempt upon paying 18-hole green fee US$ 20
Golf car: Double-seater US$ 25 / four-seater US$ 40 PER 18 HOLE
Transfer fee: 15% (Based on selling value upon transfer)
Validity term of membership: 30 years (30% extra plus selling value to be paid upon purchasing    membership with 50-year validity term)

Special Benefits for Membership
VIP member for Yanji Haeran River golf resort and 70% off in Baekdu Mt. Chunsang Spa Hotel
Condominium service available for 36 days per year
   (at the maintenance cost of US$ 20 for daily lodging in condominium; breakfast available)
How to use special villa Sweet room (4-room; including parlor and kitchen): Weekdays US$ 100 /    weekend and holidays US$ 120
50% off upon lodging in condominium (for 18-hole commom membership)
Dedicated locker room available for only 200 members on the basis of first-come-first-served (golf    club available in keeping)
When 10 years or more passed by after purchasing a membership, it may be repurchased by    company though refundment based on period of membership used. (If a member wants)
to minimize expected potential losses of membership in future.