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Charmvit Group is making for 
the world best golf resort.

Phoenix Golf Resort is located in Yongbong Village, Long Son district
(ground configuration of image of dragon and phoenix being seated together) 
and is 38km away from Hanoi city. It has a beautiful view beyond description 
so it is called HaLong Bay of the land. It is a enterprise invested 100% by 
foreigners of which business period is 50 years.

We started construction work in March 2005(Vietnam government permission 
number: 2417/GP) on the condition of additional extension. We achieved 
the best world famous golf resort with the largest scale of golf course with 54 
holes and 5 star condohotel of 200 rooms(government formal permission) which has 
315ha(approximately one million pyeong) for Korean self-respect and pride.
Charmvit  Group manages 11 companies and 5 oversea investment corporates and 
initiated development for hiking trail of Cheonji in Mt. Baekdu from 1993 and 
is managing BaekDu Mountain CheonSang Spa tourism hotel. 

It also owns and manages Yanji Hailanlake Golf Resort (36holes, 5star condo hotel 
with 150rooms) in Yanji. It is the most famous golf resort in China and held 
International Businessmen's golf competition which 260 players joined in 2006. 
Chinese PGA golf competition was also held inYanji Hailanlake Golf Resort with 98 
professional golf players from July 11 to 15, 2007.

Phoenix Golf Resort has entire 54 holes as the best world famous and was designed 
by Mr. Ronald Fream of USA, Korean and Japanese international golf course 
designers with a characteristic of each country. Blake Handerson of USA, Datzgawa 
of Japan and the best Korean landscapers put a lot of effort to protect nature 
and environment so the golf resort has the most beautiful view and boasts itself 
with that. It is synthesized leisure resort with high quality club house made of 
Italian internal marble, 5star condohotel(200rooms), villa(120pyeong, 2 buildings 
with 6 rooms completed), large room and indoor/outdoor youth swimming pool.

Phoenix golf resort was admitted as the most famous by PGA within 1 year after 
it opens and held the World Masters Vietnam Competition with 142 professional 
golfers from 27 countries from November 21 to 25, 2007. If you become a member of 
Phoenix Golf Resort, you can enjoy Phoenix Golf course 54holes and Yanji Hailanlake 
golf course 36holes which totals 90 holes every season as much as you want as a 
long-term resident in a price of $900/per person/per month. 

We are proud of the fact that Charmvit Group Phoenix Golf Resort and Yanji 
Hailanlake Golf resort are only ones with that. To commemorate the relocation of 
capital to Hanoi 1000years ago, the result of a open bid of 5 star special hotel 
at the most important site (site for the National Assembly Building and a new 
Hanoi city hall) was that Charmvit Group was selected as a final undertaker among 
38 applicants from 6 countries. Chramvit Group is trying its best to complete
the construction for 5 star special hotel, office and department store with 2floor 
underground basements and 27 story building of 630 rooms at the site of 165,000m2
(approximately 50 thousand pyeong) in September 1, 2009. After opening of hotel, 
VIP members of Golf resort are supposed to get discount for room rates in 
a half price.
Charmvit Group will do its best to pursue the human being's heath and happiness 
as a namely global enterprise and promises to serve you with a humble attitude
with the best service and sincerity.